Investing Globally Lowers Risk and Yields Higher returns

LATAM Real Estate is a resilient asset, largely unaffected by the financial crisis of 2008. City centers with high cap rates, steady appreciation and attractive annual cash returns.

Andes Pacific Coast LATAM / USA Value Fund

Multifamily housing in trendy, up and coming neighborhoods in USA, Colombia, and Chile. Low risk, moderate appreciation, real estate assets. Attractive cash flows. Resilient to US recessions.

Andes Property has been investing in LATAM Real Estate Since 2012

Andes Property currently manages over 150 Multifamily housing units in Latin America.

30% IRR

for portfolio since 2012

Proven turnkey process

to identify, purchase, and fully manage properties in LATAM.

Purchasing on the edge

of gentrification zones at prices below market value via auctions, broker network, and 'cash for property' proprietary website

Buy properties with high annual cash and steady appreciation in Chile and Colombia with debt from US properties.

Fund receives low cost, long term debt against US Properties. Historically strong dollar to buy properties in Latin America for cash, getting best deals and high annual cash returns.

US/LATAM Debt and Currency Arbitrage

Arbitrage low interest US debt, with local conditions that suppress prices to get good deals on high cap rate properties to rent out to foreigners.

Latam US
Down payments 15-50% 10-20%
Interest rates 7-18% 4-5%
Mortgage terms 15 year 30 year

Fully Managed, Turnkey with 1% Combined Advisor and Management fee, Attractive returns

Invest in a US entity and Andes does the rest. Andes chooses properties, closes deals, manages rental properties, upkeep, and profit disbursements.

2 weeks access to LATAM
properties included.

Go on vacation to visit your properties in Chile and Colombia for 2 weeks per year as part of your investment. Additional time is at property cost.